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    Disgusting, its smells and is so dirty, I used the dryers, which 1 had turned on low as I was drying blankets when finished my blankets were singed and ruined and were as hot as what my towels were which were dryed on high. When the owner finally rang me back she was rude and obnoxious saying it was my fault. So its my fault your dryers dont work properly? Get some seats im sure people dont want to stand around waiting for theyre stuff, as your floors are too dirty to sit on the floor
    By Exir Roxdras Niga, September 02, 2020
  • We are another unlucky customer that have learned the "hard way" - or should I say "the hardwood post way". Between neighbours and ourselves we decided to use Stargate fencing and chose hard wood posts. In the box on their quote it is "ticked" as Iron Bark posts (which we understand is a dense/strong long lasting hardwood). However after 5 years (2017) a very long section of our fence started to lean over and by 2018 it had to be repaired for fear of imminent collapse. The fence was inspected and repaired by a qualified trades person and to our our horror most of the posts had rotted out at the bottom. We had to replace 8 new (cypress pine) posts and 31 palings, so a costly exercise. At the top or our drive the fence is angled and it was noted that this 4+ metre span did not have a supporting post in the centre (causing the fence to sag/bow and drop 50mm below the the bottom panel). Hence this also needed to be repaired and an additional post fitted in the centre. There is still another equally long section of fence along the back of our garden and we fear its only a matter of time before it will need the same attention? We wrote to Stargate explaining what had happened and gave them the opportunity to respond. We sent the letter by registered post so we know they received it on 31/3/18, but no response from them. We would expect the new fence to have lasted 15 to 20 years so want to warn others to steer clear of this company or at least dont choose hardwood posts. Unless of course you are planning to move and dont care if the fence doesnt last very long. Yes, they have nice photos on their face book page of their latest jobs but who knows what happens after 5 - 6 years? And they dont seem to care!
    By Janet, May 10, 2019
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    The whole experience was a nightmare. Our build took 3 years, we had issues with raw sewage flooding from two toilets, (throughout the house) and endless other major issues. We had to leave the house for over 12 months because of flooding through the roof which he refused to fix. Do your research, there are other reviews on the web with situations similar to ours. Unfortunately he knows the legal system well and he is an absolute liar.
    By Rus Dondre Vixpixmat, March 17, 2019

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